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Michael Hengst


Meet Michael!

I have over 30 years of game development, business development, planning & team leading experience under my belt, and I have worked in various roles for small and big companies. I have overseen development of small games with a budget of 50K EUR but also huge projects with a budget of 15 Million USD. I have worked internationally in half a dozen countries and have a „hands on“ mentality.

I am a project specialist who usually works on troubled projects that have a huge variety of issues. I offer solutions for the problems and help to get those projects back on track. I also work as a consultant for the Bayern Kapital, a public Bavarian venture capital company, teach at various prestigious schools like the SRH in Heidelberg and I occasionally speak at conferences.


Some of the companies I currently work for (or used to work for).

Latest Work

Here are some examples of the wide variety of projects I have worked on over the last years!
  • Big Bobby Car: The Big Race

    Race with your BIG-Bobby-Car into a world full of adventure. Meet other BIG-BOBBY-Cars, solve challenging tasks and discover hidden treasures until you win the annual big race and can celebrate your victory as the new Champion in BIG-Bobby-Car town.
  • DSA : Book of Heroes

  • ELDRADOR® Creatures

    Plunge into the world of Eldrador® Creatures in this turn-based strategy game. Go into combat together with your favourite Eldrador® Creatures in the Battle of the 4 Worlds and defeat the other factions so that you can call the powerful Superweapon your own and rule over Eldrador!
  • Horse Club ™ Adventures

    Horse Club Adventures carries you off to the wonderful world that revolves around the Lakeside Riding Stable. Together with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia and their horses, you experience lots of thrilling adventures! There is an amazing amount to discover in this open world game. The popular Horse Club™ game characters and the lovingly designed locations at Lakeside, such as the café, the caravan and the riding stable, are brought to life here.
  • bayala: The Game


Michael has a knack for seeing what needs to be done, and knowing how to get it done. Projects just seem to get better when he is around!


Bob Bates

Bob Bates LLC

Michael proved to be an incredibly energetic self-starter who was not only dedicated to his work but also excelled at it in every way possible.


Guido Henkel


Michael’s clarity, forward-looking insight, and extensive connections come from his dedicated and long history in the industry. 


Robert Sirotek