Personal Note

I have worked for a lot of companies – both big and small – and I have done a lot of freelance work. And I mean a lot. From writing for the famous German games magazine Power Play and doing QA on the German version of the Genesis smash hit Landstalker, to producing the ill-fated Star Trek® Facebook-Game. I managed to bring the first game developer magazine to Germany (which was way too early at that time) and I owned a movie magazine. Not to mention that I wrote some highly successful strategy guides and produced a few games here and there. And did I mention that I lived in Holland and Belarus for quite a while?

Anyway, this site contains some information about the work I have done and about a few clients I have worked for (or still do). It has almost always been a pleasure and a privilege working with great people on great projects. And I am really glad that I am working in an industry that never really grows up and always has a surprise lurking around the next corner.

During all those years, in good times and in bad, the greatest pleasure has been not only the work (which I really love), but all the people I have had a chance to meet. Some I see only once in a few years, some every week. Some are famous, some are not. Some became and stayed close friends over the years and some moved out of my life for good. But wherever you are, however brief we might have met in the past, know this: You made my life a lot richer! Thank you!