Here are some examples of the wide variety of project I have worked on – everything from marketing brochures and magazines to classic boxed games, F2P browser games, and mobile games. Once in a while I help out at the famous University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien and lecture at the German Games Academy and the SRH in Heidelberg. I also regularly work for the Bayern Kapital, a public Bavarian venture capital company.
More to come.

Some of the games I worked on, together with a team of highly talented individuals.
And here are some, but surely not all, of the publications I worked on.
I am proud of everything I did so far, but here is some stuff I am particularly happy about.

Games Landstalker

I did the QA of the German ROM, but never wanted any credit for it. I was just happy that somehow Sega had a heart for German gamers. Customer: SEGA

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Games Star Trek: New Adventures

What did I do? Working with CBS, Denise & Michael Okuda, Lee Sheldon and an extremely talented developer in San Rafael, I worked mainly as a producer. Developed by: Mindcontrol, San Rafael, CA, USA. Customer: Gameforge.

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Games Star Trek: Infinite Space

What did I do? A lot. From working with CBS, helping with contractual work to delivering ideas and working on missions. Developed by: keen games, Frankfurt, Germany. Customer: Gameforge.

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Games Thaumistry: In Charm's Way

What did I do? Producing, some technical development and consulting, like setting up the websites. Helping out during the successful Kickstarter-Campaign. Working on virtual feelies. Developed by: Bob Bates, Washington DC, USA. Customer: BobBates LLC.

Print Game Developer Magazin

This was the first Game Developer magazine in German-speaking territories, with an official license from the US version no less. But it lasted only two issues andI had to cancel it. It was just too early, too expensive to make and we didn’t sell enough units. Customer: Das Trickwerk Developed by: Das Trickwerk

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Print Zelda: Majora's Mask Spieleberater

The first strategy guide for a Nintendo game that was not done by Nintendo itself. I am not only extremely proud of this fact , but I also had a chance to play a Zelda game before anyone else. That was fun and exiting. Customer: Nintendo Developed by: Das Trickwerk, Freising, Germany

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Marketing Diablo II Brochure

This was truly a piece of art. To my knowledge, brochures for games haven’t been done this way before. We used a special production and printing technique to generate an extremely stylish and very expensive look. Extremely proud about this one! Customer: Vivendi Universal

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Print Tomb Raider: Hint Guides

With over half a million copies sold, the Tomb Raider 2 hint guide was one of the top selling strategy guides of its time. Working on guides for all the classical Tom Raider games was fun and challenging at the the same time. In total, I worked on 30+ guides. Sometimes under rather difficult circumstances, I might add. Customer: Eidos

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